The Laboratory

For over 50 years and under the international cosmetic market, the laboratory offers its whole experience and know-how in the design of our products. Located in Italy and directed by a Pharmacist, it is daily applied to improve its quality standards for cosmetic production of avant-garde. The requirements of our customers are ours: effective cosmetics, but safe, reliable production techniques and a particular attention to the environment.

To meet all these criteria, our laboratory has developed formulas to minimize the risk of allergy through the use of natural raw materials selected: our active ingredients, natural and hypoallergenic, are effective and biocompatible. Furthermore, our essences and perfumes do not contain allergenic ingredients and limit the maximum the presence of metals. Anxious to respect all European standards of purity, the water used for the preparation of creams is ionized, micro filtered and UV treated. Finally, the emulsification stage is carried out under vacuum for a greater safety of the final product and the excipients used have a significant tolerance.

Therefore our range meets high quality and technical standards to offer maximum efficiency and safety. Our production cycle adopts all procedures GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to ensure the consumer computer traceability of ingredients and the final product.

Finally, the laboratory, anxious to preserve the environment, produces its fully electricity using solar panels, uses 100% recyclable and does not test its products on animals.