Physiotherapy Massage

Draining massage, slimming, relaxing.

Manuals spot treatments

Slimming tummy and hips treatment. Reduces fat and cellulite, lifts the skin.

Perfect Legs

Cryothermic legs treatment. Removes water and fat.
Restores blood circulation (draining, anti-stress).

Power Plate

• Regular exercise on Power Plate can be a beneficial tool for:
• Weight loss: visceral fat or adipose tissue.
• Reduction of cellulite.
• Bone density: increase bone density and prevent bone mineral density loss related to age.
• Muscular Strength & Power: improving performance in daily life.

• Circulation and Cardiovascular function: increase circulation and improve the function of the cardiovascular system.
• Pain relief.
• Preventing falls: especially for elderly.
• Flexibility and range of motion are improved.
• Well-being and quality of life: positive effect on general fitness, muscle strength, performance and well-being in everyday life which can improve the quality of life of these patients.

Scrub + Hydration

Removes dead skin cells, and softens the skin. Allows better penetration of slimming or hydrating cream.


7 sequential pressure zones. Slimming Care for “hands free”, legs and abdomen programs or for legs only, cellulite treatments, heavy legs, low edema.
Combat water retention, eliminates waste, and oxygenates cells.
The action of the pressotherapy is performed on reflux venous circulation and lymphatic, through accelerating it and making it more efficient, reducing the congestion of tissues and thus, at the level of cellulite, a treatment work but also preventive.

Nano Meso Mesotherapy Solution

Anti-fat or cellulite.
The principle of Mesotherapy is to inject a micro-dose of medicinal substances under the skin to remove fat cells in order to benefit from a slimming effect. Mesotherapy also has the effect of improving venous and lymphatic drainage.