Serum Light Effect

A very active anti-aging ultravitamin concentrate that erases the traces of aging, wrinkles and the loss of firmness along with the dark areas on the face. The Light Effect Serum restores a fresh, smooth, even and very radiant complexion. The high concentration of actives is present in a serum that is easily absorbed by the skin. This serum may very well serve as a make-up base for a quick lifting effect.

Composition :

Many powerful elements of natural origin.
Vitamins C, E, A, F : Anti-oxidant effect, vitamin, anti-free radicals, repair and it gives brightens.
Stem cells extracted from Gardenia jasminoides: Restructure collagen to give an anti-wrinkles and rejuvenating action, and restore cell renewal.

Collagen, Elastin : Regenerating effect.

Airless bottle 30 ml

Usage Instructions:

One pump for a dose.
Apply on the face and neck, morning and evening on perfectly cleansed skin.
It can be used as a treatment several times a year depending on the type and the need of the skin.