With her experience of 30 years in the field of aesthetics and her collaboration with doctors, Laurence Monclaire offers a range of products that merges the health and well-being of your skin at the center of her work.

She is an Expert in the fight against aging, Laurence Monclaire is famous for the special attention that she gives to her customers: a controlled-how specified for the use of innovative products and safe for the skin.
There are also some treatments of the latest generation offered in the cabin to meet the requirements of every woman, in addition to a regular monitoring to fight against skin slackening and aging. The objective is to save ten years. Is it Possible!

Why launching a new range?

The demands of modern women have changed: The use of medical methods, the research of visible and lasting results, and the extension of professional care at home are the objectives of current trends in aesthetics.

For this purpose Laurence Monclaire decided to create products that combine outstanding and professional results to non-aggressive practices to the skin.
Monclaire range grew out of careful research textures, perfumes, immediate effect and long-term products: Everything has been studied in great detail for obtaining modern and effective products.
The objective is to prolong the effect of the care in the cabin, the laboratory has developed safe formulas with a considerable concentration of the best of plant origin to keep skin looking young and healthy and to preserve the beauty capital of each women. Based on formulas with plant extracts, vitamins, collagen, Monclaire creams offer effective recipe and combine the quality of raw materials to the performance of the result. The innovative and modern range, is developed not by commercial opportunities, but real demands of clients. Thus, our anti-aging technology is at your service and offers immediate results since the first use with respect for the skin.
Details make the difference. Therefore, our products are associated with any personalized advice in the institute for the time and methods of application of the products.
Monclaire packaging follow the latest trends: airless technology allows creams to keep optimally, in elegant and lightweight bottles relevant to the life of today’s women.
Particularly attentive to the planet, Monclaire range does not use unnecessary packaging and produce while minimizing environmental impact through scientific formulation of creams using the benefits of active botanical.
Our philosophy is to share our expertise with women in order to revive the radiance and beauty of their faces: Your Beauty is our mission.