Hydradermie GUINOT (dry skin, oily skin, anti-stain, and anti-wrinkle)

Beauty Objective:
For a radiant face and a luminous complexion, the care Hydrodermie with its Serum Gel Hydration represent the ideal treatment due to the elimination of dead skin cells.
The hydration program makes, at the end of the treatment, your skin radiant and brighter.
An hour care during which valuable component will offset the dehydration of the skin in order to strengthen its natural protection and improve flexibility.

By the end of care, you will feel that your skin is more hydrated longer, more comfortable, and through a mirror you will notice that your skin has regained the brightness.
Proven results: + 52.3% of hydration *
* Clinically proven results

Key elements:
Hyaluronic acid and the single complex Hydrocyte that replenish the skin cells in water. These two elements have an exceptional power on the cells.

Secrets of care:
– Organic deep cleansing which allows the skin to breathe and be more receptive to skincare products.
– Dual effectiveness of active care disseminated in the skin through the exclusive method of “Double Ionization”
– The skin oxygenation and awakening of circulatory functions that restore radiance.
– The modeling of the face under the expert hands of your beautician based features and promotes cellular exchanges.
Your beautician will chose the Hydradermie care products according to your beauty objectives and type of dehydrated skin after the consultation.

Hydralift GUINOT (Lifting, anti-aging)

Beauty objective :
Create a natural beauty lifting effect going back features by muscular improvement.

Results :
By the end of care, you find that the facial features are raised, and the skin has regained its tone and superficial wrinkles have faded. This method acts as a “body building” of the face.

Key elements:
Biopeptides of Serum Gel Anti-wrinkles that recreate the skin elasticity, combined with the stimulating effect of special currents that create an improvement of facial muscles.

Secrets of care:
– Biological deep cleaning which allows the skin to be more receptive to skincare products and breathe.
– Drainage improves cellular exchanges
– Muscle stimulation allows facial muscles to specifically work and to regain their tone and rises naturally features by the end of the treatment.
– Modelling to rest the face and enrich the stimulating skin elements.


Eye Contour Care

Made with oligos anti-wrinkle restructuring and lifting elements.


Made with vitamin C anti-fatigue, anti-dark circles, smoothing and regenerating.


Bio Meso Mask

Regenerating anti-wrinkle, anti-stain

Caviar Mask
Restructuring (collagen and elastin)

Vitamin C Mask
Anti-Stain, gives brightness to the face

Peeling SESDERMA (Face and Neck)

Eliminates dark spots, reduces wrinkles, it also helps cell renewal, reduces the excess of sebum, tightens pores, unifies the complexion. Gives a lot of brightness.

Nano Meso Mesotherapy Solution

Anti-wrinkles lipo Retinol

Restructuring lipo organic silicon

Firming lipo DMAE

It is used to revitalize the face and fill wrinkles.
The products used are a nutrient mixture and revitalizing according to skin type. It contains vitamins, oligo-elements and minerals, products stimulating the microcirculation, oxygenation and the production of collagen in the skin, and therefore the skin “rejuvenation”.