How does it work?

ENDERMOLOGY reactivates cellular activity asleep through mechanical stimulation of the skin (MECHANICAL STIMULATION), quickly and non-aggressively.

ENDERMOLOGY treats different skin areas with a very wide scope. The care is performed by a professional through CELLU M6 and MOBILIFT M6 devices.
The treatment heads equipped by Roll (rollers) or Lift (valves) gently pull the cutaneous tissue and target 100% natural different areas of the body and face according to MECHANICAL STIMULATION principle.


35 minute slimming sessions
Bad news: the activity of our cells inevitably slows …
The balance between production and elimination of fat is a process naturally provided by adipocytes. Despite a perfect lifestyle and regular physical activity, the activity of these cells slows down, causing an acceleration of fat storage. Then appear an excessive volume and cellulite appearance on very specific areas. In parallel, the production of collagen and elastin diminish, the skin loses its density, and it becomes thinner.

Good news: the LIPOMASSAGE reactivates our cells naturally !

The LPG ROLL trigger deep biological responses: stimulation of adipocytes reactivates the liberation of stubborn fat, and the fibroblasts promotes a revival of the production of collagen and elastin. After 6 sessions, resistant fat will be removed, the curves are harmoniously sculpted, cellulites are smoothed and the skin becomes firmer naturally.

RESULTS: Session after session, the quality of the skin improves, the shape is more toned, it is simple; the more you do, the better you feel and it shows!
The ENDERMOLOGY: at the bottom of cell stimulation.

The ENDERMOLOGY is the science of cell stimulation developed by LPG and validated by over 128 scientific studies. With its MECHANICAL STIMULATION principle, the skin is stimulated surface to generate biological responses that are painless, non-invasive and non-aggressive. 


30 minutes lifting sessions

LPG has developed ENDERMOLIFT an anti-aging technique 100% natural, for men and women of all ages. This technique replenishes the skin and blurs the signs of aging for a radiant face as rejuvenated.

A technique for men and women of all ages:
• To give sustainably and safely, the potential of youth of her skin.

• For an effective anti-aging solution, 100% natural, and non-aggressive.

• For those in search of the missing link between too soft techniques but inefficient and overly aggressive and risky techniques.

• To potentiate the result of an act of medical aesthetics (Botox injection, filling products, lifting, peeling, mesotherapy, etc.) and limit side effects.

• For a radiant face at any age.

• To keep both her face and body (“skin fitness”).