Lift Performance Cream

Its immediate lifting effect shades off wrinkles. It redefines the oval of the face and strengthens its firmness. Within a few days, features are smoother and the skin is better-toned. It is an indispensable care product for a more beautiful skin.

Composition :

Vitamins A and F : Improves the quality of the skin. Restructuring anti-ageing.

Phyto-stimulines of wheat germ: Energizing action, tensor.

Extract from Centella Asiatica : Promotes the synthesis of collagen fibers for a greater resistance skin.

Glycolic Acid : Exfoliates, hydrates and oxygenates the skin. It helps to stimulate cell renewal.

Airless bottle 50 ml

Usage Instructions:

A pump.

Apply on the face and neck in the evening on a perfectly cleansed skin or through a treatment morning and evening, to be repeated several times in the year.