Wake up Cream

On application, this morning skin care enhances your skin beauty, moisturizes it and boosts its energy. A creamy texture and a pleasant fragrance.
Its wealth of vitamins reinforces the skin’s protection. Day after day, the skin becomes smoother, clearer, brighter and more radiant.

Composition :

Extract from White grape, vitamins E, A, F: antioxidant and revitalizing effect.

Vitamin C palmitate : Gives energy, evens skin complexion.

Bergamot essential oil : Stimulating effect.

Arbutin : Fight against the formation of melanin in dark spots.

Extract from Sweet orange: Energizing effect.

Hamamelis and Achillea : strengthen, stimulate cutaneous exchanges give radiance.

Airless bottle 50 ml

Usage Instructions:

A pump.
Apply on the face and neck in the morning on perfectly cleansed skin or through a treatment morning and evening to reduce melanin brown spots.